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Download a full, working copy of Chameleon Flash and try it for yourself.

Please note that applications and screensavers compiled with the unregistered version contain trial-notices and cannot be distributed. To remove the limitations you must purchase a license.


Chameleon Flash is a software program that transforms SWF flash projects into EXE applications and SCR screensavers with plenty of features:

  • Compiles any files - You can include absolutely any files used by your SWF flash project in your EXE application or SCR screensaver: images, audio, video, XML, etc.
  • Smart file system - Our smart file system technology enables you to leave some files of your flash project unpacked and access them from the compiled application in a friendly manner.
  • Accessing files "on-the-fly" without unpacking them to the hard disk - Due to a special architecture, when you start an application compiled with Chameleon Flash, your files are not extracted into any temporary directories, which protects your files against being stolen. After you compile an application, all its files are built into one executable file and are not extracted anywhere.
  • Trial-limited applications - Chameleon Flash enables you to limit the functionality of your application for the user to have to register the application and enter a license key in order to disable the limitations. It will allow you to earn money using your products. Or you can offer free registration and it will help you promote your website and other products and services.
  • Custom application window - Customize the application window by enabling/disabling its border, caption, window menu, minimize button, maximize button, sizing border and setting the fullscreen mode.
  • Real transparency support - Real transparency support enables you to create windowless applications whose appearance is completely based on the SWF flash.
  • Custom application icon - Set your own icon for your application so that your application stands out against other applications on the user's desktop.
  • Strong file compression - The strong compression algorithm reduces the size of files after they are compiled. That is why after you publish your application on your website, it will be possible to download it even with a slow Internet connection.
  • Compiling large files into a separate .dat file - By default, all files are packed into a single .exe or .scr file. However, when you need to include a large amount of data in the application, it is better to pack them into a separate .dat file because the operating system may load large executable file quite long.
  • Prevention of stealing the SWF sources using SWF decompilers - Chameleon Flash protects SWF flash projects against EXE->SWF and SWF->FLA decompilers.
  • Integrity check - Applications can check their integrity. If a virus or someone decides to introduce changes into your application, the application would not open.
  • Full-featured screensavers - Chameleon Flash creates full-featured screensavers supporting the screensaver preview and the settings menu.
  • Auto-generating screensaver installer - An installer is the most user-friendly and comfortable way to distribute the screensaver. Once started, it will automatically install the screensaver on the user's computer and enable it. If the user would suddenly like to remove the screensaver, he can easily do it using the uninstaller coming together with the screensaver. Chameleon Flash can be easily configured to auto-generate an installer for your screensaver.
  • Previewing the application without compiling it - The preview feature enables you to launch and see your application without compiling it. It is very convenient if the application consists of a large number of files and it takes a while to compile it.
  • Advanced flash commands - SWF files compiled with chameleon flash support special commands. They allow you to store user-defined data, work with system dialog boxes, unpack your files to the specified location, build dynamic context menus and more.

...and much much more! Try it now.

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